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Hawaii C-21 Flooring Contractor License Practice Test



Hawaii C-21 Flooring Contractor License Practice Test


This practice test contains over 50 pages (over 120 questions) and includes answer keys. As indicated by Prometric, the license exam questions are based on the references:


1. Carpentry and Building Construction, Fifth Edition, 1997, Glencoe Division of McGraw-Hill, Box 543, Blacklick, OH 43004-0544,
2. Finishing Hardwood Flooring, 1998 Edition, National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association (NOFMA),
3. Installing Hardwood Flooring, 1998 Edition National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association (NOFMA),



This practice test will supplement your experience and other prep materials you may be using, such as the reference & code books listed. The comprehensive practice test is based on the actual Hawaii state requirements and bulletin information to ensure it is highly relevant and helps you pass your Hawaii C-21 Flooring Contractor License test.


Test Question Breakdown: 

Exam Topic %
Wood Strip Flooring 30
Resilient Flooring 25
Surface Preparation 25
Finishing 10
Parquet 5
Sanding 5



Candidate Information Bulletin

Exam Information Bulletin


“License Information:

Scope To apply or install floor covering material such as linoleum, rubber, vinyl, cork, asphalt, plastic aluminates, or other materials that are by custom and usage accepted in the construction industry as composition flooring, including the installation of wood floor covering and also to include floor sanding and refinishing of floor surfaces.”


Exam Administrator:

354 Uluniu Street, Suite 308
Kailua, HI 96734
Phone: 808.261.8182

For questions about licensing:
State of Hawaii
Contractors License Board
P.O. Box 3469
Honolulu, HI 96801
Phone: 808.587.3222



Type of exam: Closed Book
30 Questions – One-hour time limit
75% Correct required to pass


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