At, we understand that preparing for a licensing exam can be challenging and time consuming, especially when you’re already busy. Our practice tests will help you save time and pass your exam more easily. To make the most out of your practice tests, we’ve compiled some useful information and tips. PLEASE REVIEW THIS GUIDE. The approach we prescribe is a generally accepted principle among educators and test-taking experts; it works.


Firstly, we know that the size and number of references you need to study for the exam can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created our practice tests based on the list of references and subject areas recommended in the exam’s information booklet or bulletin. Each of our practice tests is broken down into smaller sections, either for each smaller reference or for each chapter in a larger reference. This approach enables you to study with more manageable  mounts of material, making your preparation process less daunting.


Furthermore, our PDF files are text-searchable, which means that you can easily find and focus on the subject areas listed in the exam information or any other topics you want to practice. Simply use the search function in your PDF reader to quickly locate the information you need.      

Save Time, Learn More: Techniques for Efficient Studying

The study method and practice tests from will save you valuable time by focusing your study efforts on the subjects you need to work on. These tests can help you identify your strong areas, as well as the areas that require more attention. Follow these steps to make the most of your practice tests:

  1. Begin by taking practice tests on the references or chapters that you are most familiar with. When answering each question, take note of whether you answered confidently, guessed, or found the material somewhat familiar. If you were not confident and correct in your answer, focus on studying that subject area more thoroughly. If you were both confident and correct, you may place that subject area as a lower priority in your study plan. Repeat this process with all of the practice tests.
  2. After identifying the areas you need to improve, return to the reference material and study those areas in depth.
  3. Then, once you have a better understanding of those areas, retake the practice tests where you did not score well on during your initial attempt. This will allow you to reassess your knowledge and track your progress.

By following the steps of this targeted approach, you can maximize your study efforts and increase your chances of passing your licensing exam. Remember to take breaks, stay focused, and seek help if needed.


Our practice tests will help you truly understand the material and prepare for success on your licensing exam. Our practice tests are not constructed exactly like the actual copyrighted and confidential exams. We provide thorough coverage and a range of question types, including Yes/No questions, True/False questions, and multiple-choice questions. We intentionally avoid fill-in-the-blank questions to focus on understanding rather than memorization.


It is also important for you to be familiar with the location of the information in the reference material. To facilitate this, we have included a “reference locator” for each question to help you quickly find the relevant information in the reference. This feature is especially useful if your  exam is OPEN BOOK, as knowing the material and its location in the reference, combined with your own experience, will be essential to your quick success on the exam.


At, our team is dedicated to helping you succeed. We are committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality practice tests to help you build confidence and perform at your best on exam day. With our practice tests and your determination, you can achieve your goals and succeed in your career.



Good luck on your journey to becoming a licensed contractor! For more resources and practice tests, click here to explore our practice tests and start your journey to success today.



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