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Imagine if you could pass your state contractors license test on your first try… You could stop stressing and stop studying. You could get your contractors licenses, and you might even get a pay raise. This is what we want to do for you. We are here to help you pass your state license test and get your license with our practice tests.


The reality is that you can’t avoid studying. You have to study something, so it should be something that will help you pass. Our practice tests will be a huge help when you take the ‘real thing’.


We believe that the foundation of our country is the back-breaking hard work of contractors and construction workers, like you. We are dedicated to helping you get your licenses so you can build better, build safer, and make more money. When you learn more and get your license, its good for all of us. We all need safe structures with running water, working bathrooms, safe electricity, and hot & cold air.


Our team has been helping contractors since the 1990’s. We have extensive experience in training and practice tests, and we use it to help you pass your state contractors license tests.

Your hard work is appreciated and your time is valuable.  We invest well over 30 hours of work into each practice test. With nearly 1000 individual tests, that’s a lot of time! Most of our practice tests are 50-1,000 pages with multiple questions per page. That’s 150-3,000 questions per test! You won’t find quality like this anywhere else.


You probably tell your customers “you get what you pay for”. I’ve been that customer and have been told the same. It’s true for you and it’s true here too. We price our practice tests reasonably and fairly. Creating an EFFECTIVE license practice test takes an enormous amount of time, cost, and expertise. We buy the latest state-approved study materials for all 50 states (very expensive), study it, learn it, and write lengthy practice tests from it. We could create short, useless, and cheap practice tests like some other sites, but what’s the point? All that does is waste your time and money when that cheap test doesn’t help you pass your real contractors license test.


After you get your state license, ask your boss for a raise & ask your PM for more jobs. With that raise or extra hours, you can quickly make enough extra money to cover the practice test cost.


Out test writing team creates these practice tests by hand from the current state approved study material. We want you to succeed and pass your state test the first time.


We are here you for you: the builder, the roofer, the plumber, the electrician, the journeyman, the project manager, the foreman… the foundation of America.
We’re even here for the inspectors (that we all know and love). They need licenses too, and although they can be a pain sometimes, we all need them.

Increase your knowledge

Passing your state test is good enough for a license, but is it good enough for your boss? The more you learn, the more money you can make and the safer you can build.

Your state test will be on a computer

Many states administer their tests on a computer in an office. The attendants will assist you in getting comfortable with their system. Most states require 75-80% score to pass. You can find your state test requirements on our website, under your state and test.

Customer Support

We provide great support for all of our test-takers. Contact us any time and expect a fast reply.