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Our dedicated team develops custom practice tests based on the actual state requirements.


Our practice tests include 150 – 1,000 questions (with answer keys per section). These questions cover each section of the approved study material in depth and include references to the official material.


100% of our tests are created by hard-working Americans. We do not outsource any practice test creation, so we can maintain the highest quality and provide you with great support. We do our best to help you succeed.

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Each of our test writers has years of experience. We don’t have rookies on our team. We only have the best, so we can create the best practice tests for you. Our team is experienced in construction and legal areas, which helps us create practice tests that actually work for you.


You are our priority. We want you to pass your state contractors test the first time. Our practice tests are extremely comprehensive and are much longer than the actual state tests. We do not create the bare-minimum; we go above and beyond in order to help you succeed.

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What you need to pass:

  • Most states require 70-80% score to pass 80% 80%

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What to expect from us:


We will provide you with high quality practice tests which are well organized, thought out, and include references. Our test writers have years of experience and we all take great pride in our work. We simply will not produce a poor quality practice test. We will always do what is best and what is right. As a smaller company, we have to work harder to succeed. The quality of our practice tests reflects the care and effort we put into each test.

When you purchase a practice test from contractortests.com, you will receive an instant PDF file download. With this file, you can study on your computer, smartphone, or print it and take with. You can study at home, at the office, at a job site, or on break. Study anywhere with our printable practice tests. The more you study, the better you will do on your state test.

The questions are multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank, just like the actual state license tests. Most of our practice tests include 150-1,000 questions (and the answer keys per test section). These questions cover each section of the approved study material in depth.

You will also receive an email with the download link and your receipt. (Will your company reimburse you for the practice test study material?)

You need a PDF viewer such as http://www.adobe.com/acrobat

Sample questions from the ICC National Standard General Building Contractor A License practice test:

Contractor License Practice Test Sample

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