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Colorado Pikes Peak Building Contractor D-2A Wrecking Unlimited License Practice Test

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Colorado Pikes Peak Building Contractor D-2A Wrecking Unlimited


This practice test contains 132 pages (over 360 questions) and includes answer keys. The questions are based on the official reference books (Pikes Peak Regional Building Code).


This practice test will supplement your experience and other prep materials you may be using, such as the reference & code books listed below. The comprehensive practice test is based on the actual Pikes Peak, Colorado requirements and bulletin information to ensure it is highly relevant and helps you pass your Pikes Peak Colorado Building Contractor D-2A Wrecking Unlimited license test.



Exam Administrator

Pikes Peak Regional Building Department

Contractor Licensing Office:
Phone: 719-327-2887
Fax: 719-327-2951
Email: [email protected]

2880 International Circle Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Pikes Peak Regional Building Department Testing Guide



Reference Materials:

2011 Pikes Peak Regional Building Code (chapters 1 & 2)



License Exam Info:

The test is 25 questions and 1 hour long. You must answer at least 18 questions correctly to pass the exam.  -Per Pikes Peak Regional Building Department Testing Guide



General Practice Test Information:


Important Study Guide Download


Utilizing the strategies outlined in our Study Guidance document is key to your exam preparation. It is specially designed to deepen your understanding of the code/reference aspects vital to the exam. Please be reminded that the actual license exam questions are confidential and unavailable to anyone, including Our materials and methodology thoroughly prepare you for the code/reference section of the exam, enabling you to effectively apply your working knowledge to the test questions


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